The Bare Home - Dish Soap Home Refillery

The Bare Home - Dish Soap Home Refillery

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Ready to refill? Reduce waste by refilling with our 3 Litre At-Home Refill boxes. Our refill system reduces Co2 Emissions and plastic waste by over 80%.

Refilling also offers nearly 40% cost savings!

Rich suds and nourished hands. This powerhouse Dish Soap will cut through grease and stuck-on foods. Our vitamin E-enriched formula will leave your hands feeling nourished and never dry. 

Elevate your dishwashing experience. Scented with organic essential oils of Bergamot + Lime. Enjoy the refreshing and crisp citrus of Lime perfectly blended with the herbaceous notes of Bergamot. 

3 Litre Refill Box = 6+ X 476ml Refills 

Made in Canada


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